Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alasdair's New Wheels

On Friday Alasdair turned 1. I know, we can't believe it either. For his birthday he got a cool new trike.
It was quite a hit, even though it was about 800 degrees outside we had lots of fun speeding up and down the street.

Alasdair managed to stay cool thanks to the handy sun shield.

Though Daddy's steering did cause a few nervous moments.

For once, the best present wasn't the box it came in, but it was a pretty close second.
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Anonymous said...

Hey big boy now, looking great. You're so big and scarily looking more like your Uncle Alex every time i see you.

Love Auntie Christine

Anonymous said...

Thats one cool bike,looks like you & daddy had a lot of fun
Love Granny

Ian said...

I think in the 3rd photo he's a dead ringer for me.

Vikki said...

Love the photo of Alasdair in the box. Kids love boxes more than the pressies half the time!

Bruce Lenorf said...

Alasdair, take off the sunshield. You will thank me for that advice when you are fighting the headwind at mile 98 on the MS150.