Monday, March 30, 2009

The Best Defence

You know what they say...if you're trying to prevent a small child from falling in your pool, the best defence is a good old fence.

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Jen said...

I love the fence! More so, I love how Alasdair looks next to the fence! He steals the show!

***The fence really does look great! Good job!

Fi said...

Well done guys! I see you put Sandy & Malc to work for their visit again!
At least you provided refreshement.

Vikki said...

Yeah, yeah, we know you have a pool. *jealous*

Good looking fence. Maybe this will spur Iain on to fixing the gate at the bottom of our garden this weekend so he can take some photos of Magnus looking cute outside.

Ian said...

Jen: Yeah, he does doesn't he? Even when he's slightly out of focus and my fantastic fence is right there!

Fi: We know their rate now. Bit of beer, few bottles of might have been cheaper to hire somebody.

Vikki: I didn't think I'd mentioned it before. Don't put Magnus down in the snow for photos.

Alli said...

Great job! And way to be proactive!

You all look great!!!

hotrocdoc said...

That is an excellent fucking fence - straight up and dark! Good job chaps!! Gaspar says hi!

Anonymous said...

Do you make all your visitors work for their keep ?? I'm no use at putting up fences but I can babysit as I've proved this week
xxx to Alasdair

Ian said...

Alli: Thanks. Though, the rate he's going at I think we might have got the fence up just in time.

Eddie: Nikki has to take the credit for the straightness, the levelling and the colour choice. I only did the grunt work.

Mum: Don't worry, the fence is up now. Although the driveway could do with being resurfaced. Hmmm.

Bruce Lenorf said...

If I were Alasdair, I'd go to the back of the garden, step over the small fence to go to your neighbor, walk around the big one in your garden, and then get back in your garden right next to the pool. French people learned this trick the hard way during world war II when they built the maginot line on the border with Germany... The Germans came through Belgium.

Ian said...

If the French had planted a tree on their side and hedges on the Belgian side of the Maginot line they would have been fine.