Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alasdair's blog

Dad is going to have to change the name of this blog to Alasdair's blog so I can tell everyone about my first trip to the UK. I arrived at Grandma and Granddad's on Tuesday. Apparently I was perfectly behaved on the flight over but I wouldn't know because I slept all the way. Travelling is very tiring, I even fell asleep on my new playmat I was so tired.

Grandma has a nice big bath for me to play in. It's a great improvement on the kitchen sink at home, I can swim around in this one.

I'm just about getting over the jet lag. I'm sleeping through the night again so I've got more energy in the day to play. This new playmat is so comfy, I hope it fits in the suitcase to take back to Houston. And take note of all my new outfits that I finally get to wear. (Mum wouldn't let me wear them until we got here in case I messed them up)

We went to Bath on Friday for a look at the shops. There was a photo of me outside the Roman Baths but I'm so bundled up in blankets that you can't actually see me so I didn't blog it. We had a nice lunch, all of Mum's food looked really good, can't wait until I get old enough to try some.

And of course I've been into Chepstow a few times. Here's me posing outside the Castle. Maybe next time I visit I'll be awake to see it.

Next week I've got a busy schedule of appointments - cousins, uncles and aunts, Mum's friends - so keep checking back for more updates.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alasdair you look very cosy at Grandma's just don't use up all your cuddles before you get to Granny's
See you very soon
Lots of Love
Granny & Aunty Angy

Bruce Lenorf said...
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Bruce Lenorf said...

Alasdair, welcome to Europe (or the island near it).

Vikki said...

Alasdair looks very relaxed in those photos! We're also looking forward to meeting him soon. Wish Magnus was sleeping through the night again :-(
It's very tiring this baby lark isn't it?!

Lizzie Stephenson said...

Don't know how old Magnus is but James just turned 2 and he still doesn't sleep through the night!?!?!?!

Fi said...

Does this child's genius know no end?? E-mailing, international travel and now blogging within his first three months!!
You've enrolled him on a NASA programme for his first birthday right?

Vikki said...

You have my sympathy Lizzie! Magnus is nearly 10 months old and used to be a good sleeper but has been awful at night for the past two weeks. First I think it's teething, then hunger... I'm v tired at the moment. He's having an afternoon nap now but I have to go and load the washing machine...

Ian said...

Hmm, something tells me the other shoe's going to drop and we'll spend many a dark morning looking back and going "Did he really sleep through the night once? I don't remember."

Though, as Fi has pointed out, kid's a bonafide genius. Sod NASA, might just send him off to fix the Large Hadron Collider on his first birthday.

Jen said...

I seriously cannot get over how ridiculously cute Alasdair is! His grandma is right, he totally gets more adorable as time goes on! I've missed much being gone from the world of blogging lately, especially these enormously cute Alasdair photos!

Awesome! Just awesome!

Laura said...

I got to meet the lovely Alasdair today, and can confirm all reports of cuteness. His mummy was looking pretty fab too, so he's obviously treating her well. Laura x