Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bath Time



Bruce Lenorf said...

Ian, you obviously have talent to catch wild animals in their environment... you should apply for a job on Discovery Channel. The same shot with a giant squid instead of Tim would be worth millions. Any luck in petting Tim by the way?

Ian said...

He lets me scratch his head from time to time. Especially if I have a carrot top in the other hand. I still can't pick him up though.

Jen said...

Ian, even Tim was bored to death watching the Astro's! Clearly, you can tell. Poor guy.

You should figure out a "baby cam" for when the bundle arrives. Find a good mount point though, b/c one could potentially get motion sickness if not mounted on the baby properly.

I'm just sayin'.

Ian said...

No way. That's what Tim does when he's relaxed and feeling safe. The purpose of baseball at this time of the season is to relax you and make you think about the summer. Which is exactly what Tim was doing there.