Wednesday, January 23, 2008

London Album

Finally, the album from London. At this rate, the photos from Brighton and Stornoway will appear in March and July respectively. Sorry Lizzie, this may not do your homesickness much good. Most of the photos are from the London Eye, but there's a few others, including a couple of the astonishing Battle of Britain Monument.

As usual, you can go to the full album for bigger versions of the photos.


Vikki said...

Very good photos, you are making me homesick for London and I left nearly 8 years ago!! I've been thinking about it lately cos the book I'm reading is set in London (but in 17th century.
We are planning a visit in July so the boys can go on the London Eye since Lachlan was a baby last time we were on it. Of course the gherkin wasn't built then so we'll have new stuff to look at. Everything else looks familiar though! I'm off to get some pineapple now ;-)

Alli said...

Great pics!!

Ian said...

Thank you both. Don't you think I need a new camera for my birthday though?

Vikki, Surely if you go in July you're just going to get future complaints from NewBaby that they were a baby last time and you'll end up having to go again in 7 years.

Did the pineapple work then?

Vikki said...

Didn't get the pineapple after all but my friend gave me some raspberry leaf tea which she said worked for her. (This is the girlfriend who had the twin boys last April). I've had three cups tonight which has made the baby squirm a bit but no contractions.
About the eye - remember Calum hasn't been on it at all so at least 2 out of 3 kids will remember this trip! The NewBaby will get to go again in a few years I'm sure cos we have lots of friends in Surrey that we will visit in the future.
About camera purchase - I know nothing about cameras and photography. If it'll make you happy get one.

Lizzie Stephenson said...

Dear Vikki,

Raspberry leaf tea can be taken in the third trimester to "ripen the womb". I have no idea if it works, I drank it with Emily but not with James because you can't get it here in America (that I've yet found). I don't think it speeds things up but it's supposed to make labour eaiser. Mind you if you're on your third then your womb is pretty much a pro.

Afterthought - I do apologise for never having met you yet being so brazen to discuss your womb :-D

Excellent pictures Ian. Do you mind if I swipe a couple to further feed the homesickness?

Ian said...

Vikki: Blimey, having kids is an expensive proposition if you've got to ride the London Eye 3 times to keep them all happy. Oh and that sounded like permission to get a new camera to me. Now I just need Nikki to agree.

Lizzie: Feel free, if you grab them from the full album you'll get larger versions. If you want the really big original, not resized for the web, copies I can e-mail them to you.

shanksi said...

Having kids is an expensive proposition, even if you don't factor trips to the London Eye into the equation. Especially with the price of pineapple these days.

You definitely need a new camera. Probably a decent DSLR with a couple of different lenses, and a bagful of filters etc. Of course, you'll also need a bigger tripod and camera bag, but it'll all be worth it.

Vikki said...

Lizzie - didn't we meet at Ian and Nikki's wedding? Were we at the same table for the meal? (Ian maybe you can confirm if you remember) If not, I still don't mind discussing my womb!! I've just seen the midwife and I'm officially 1 cm dilated, only 9 cm more to go... But my cervix is posterior which means the membrane sweep was not fully implemented. Hopefully contractions will start tonight! Sorry Ian if this puts you off your lunch or something!

Ian said...

Iain: No, I already have an awesome tripod and a great camera bag, so all I'd need would be the camera, the lenses and the filters. So it'd be really cheap. I can imagine Stoney isn't good for growing pineapples in winter, so you might have to go as far south as Dundee to find one.

Vikki: You were both at the wedding, Lizzie was one of the bridesmaids. Was there a bridesmaid at your table? If so and she wasn't either Irish or throwing up, then it was Lizzie. Your membrane sweep is not fully implemented? This is what happens when you marry a programmer, they promise you all these features will be ready by the delivery date and they never are. Maybe Iain can issue a patch later?

shanksi said...

The problem, as ever, is down to feature creep - I seem to remember the original specification was for two kids, and the third was added at a later stage without going through the proper change request procedures.