Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Failing At Christmas

We had intentions. Good intentions. We meant to do stuff. Take a funny picture, get cards made. Maybe put up a bit of tinsel or two. Somewhere, between the Mexico trip, the December weekends full of parties and our flight to the UK tomorrow, we failed. Sorry. We have not put up a single decoration. We have not sent a single card. I feel bad about this. I'm a little scared to check the archives, but I'm pretty sure I have claimed, around this time the last two years, that you would definitely be getting a card next, yeah, sorry, you're not, again. I do still hope you have a Merry Christmas though.


Alli said...

Have a Happy Christmas, Happy New Year & a great trip!

Anonymous said...

You can hand deliver mine I won't mind if it's late,safe journey tomorrow,see you in ten sleepnights,can't wait

Vikki said...

Aww, no card?? Too busy swanning off to Mexico! Never mind, happy Xmas anyway and happy new year when it comes. Lots of love,
Vikki, Iain, Lachlan, & Calum xx

Ian said...

I know, we're terrible. I don't even have the "Vikki Shanks Single Bloke Exemption" to fall back on anymore.

Merry Christmas to all three of you. Mum, you may not get a hand delivered card when we see you either...unless we go shopping before Christmas in Chepstow, which I'm not sure I can face.

Bruce Lenorf said...

Cards don't make it to Siberia anyway. People burn them for warming up and cooking potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil for the Christmas eve. They use the stamps as money to get milk or butter, or to bribe the guards and buy their places in front of the queue at the food store. And they use the envelopes to make toys for kids.
Merry Christmas.