Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Nikki and I headed to Baja California for the weekend. Pictures and more info will follow. Thanksgiving dinner was a bunch of tacos from Los Paisos taqueria in Cabo San Lucas. The pastor pork ones were carved from a big kebab sort of thing that was right on the street. They were, without a doubt, the greatest tacos I've ever had. Best Thanksgiving dinner ever.


Alli said...

Looking forward to the pix!!

Hubby & I are off to our tropical trip next week. I can't wait!!!

Jen said...

Did someone say taco. . . pork taco? Where? ? ?

I love me carnita burritos or tacos. Mmmm. Yum!

No dishes. Best way to spend Turkey Day.

Ian said...

Alli: Have fun in Hawaii...you staying on Maui, or doing a bit of island hopping?

Jen: I don't remember the official name of the street, but our guide book referred to it as "Taco Alley", in Cabo San Lucas.

Alli said...

We're just staying on Maui for a week. PLENTY to do there. :) Maybe we'll do some island hopping on the next Hawaii trip.