Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Still no pictures, sorry. I've no excuse this time other than that I didn't bring my portable hard drive with me to the place where the computers are and I'm not going to go back for it because Nikki's having a nap and I don't want to wake her up.

We're in Phuket now, flying back to Singapore tomorrow night, before heading home on Saturday. Bangkok was great fun, but the Sofitel Central Plaza charged 20 bhat a minute for internet access. To give you an idea of how extortionate that is, the going rate at most internet cafe's is 1 or 2 bhat per minute. Even here at the Kata Thani I bought an hour for 200 bhat, which is still too high, but not ridiculously so.

Bad news on the post card front for any of you whose address we don't have memorised, which in my case is everyone except my Mum, Auntie Cena, and Christine (and even then I'm not sure of Christine or Auntie Cena's postcode), Nikki forgot to print off the address list, so you're not getting a postcard, sorry. Alex and Fi, I know it's BFPO53, but that's about it. Iain and Vikki, Stonehaven, probably won't do the trick and Jen and Thomas, near Dallas, really isn't going to work. Once again, sorry. I accept full responsibility, I only asked her to do it 3 times. In fact now that I think about it, what do you all have in common? That's right, you've moved in the last few years. So it's your fault, not mine, I can't possibly be expected to remember your addresses when you keep moving around.

So anyway, in holiday related news, we were sitting in a bar eating spicy prawns the other night and the woman changed the channel to a football match that was about 7 minutes in - HEA 0-0 ABE read the banner at the top...Now, I haven't seen an Aberdeen match live all season and they were playing in their white away colours, so I wasn't really sure it was them until Jamie Langfield let a soft dribbler, that he really should have saved, trickle under his hand and into the net. "Fantastic" I said to Nikki, "it's Aberdeen". So we had a lot of Singha and watched Aberdeen conspire to miss one chance after another as everyone else in the bar ignored the proceedings. Ignored them that is until Aberdeen equalised with about a minute left at which point I jumped up and shouted "Yes!" scaring the life out of the 3 or 4 Thai waitresses on my left and the 10 or 12 Russian diners on my right and drawing the attention of the entire bar. So sorry to anyone who was in, I think it was called, Oyster, on Sunday night in Kata. That was me.


Iain said...

"I wasn't really sure it was them until...". Aye, right. You planned the whole holiday to watch that game and you're still not letting on to Nikki. We watched the game on Rod's Sky+ after the kids had all gone to bed. Even did the whole avoid-hearing-the-score thing for added excitement.

Jen said...

Eh. . . . So you took a few years off the lives of some Russians and waitresses. That's nothing. I've known you for 6+ years and I can't begin to tell you how often my life span has been shaved off from your exploits. . . .which had nothing at all to do with my participation.


Anyway, my point is this stuff happens from time to time. [Though, I would've paid to have seen that.] I'm sure they've recovered by now.

I will consider this my post card as I was mentioned in this here post. I'm now infamous!