Friday, February 16, 2007

Saké To Me

Alex and Fi ordered me 3 bottles of G Saké for my birthday and they arrived today, a day early. I'm really looking forward to these. I was very tempted to buy them for myself when they were on offer on Woot a couple of weeks ago.

I guess like most people I've only ever tried the sake that they serve hot in sushi restaurants. It turns out they do that because it's full of crap and high in alcohol. This one is real premium stuff that's meant to be served cold, so Nikki and I will have a fun night or 12 drinking these. Now we just have to figure out how to make sushi. One's in the regular fridge, two are in the wine fridge. A couple of days to settle from the journey and they'll be ready to drink.

In case you can't see it, the bottles are really quite cool. As well as being a cool shape the label reads:

Men can't find it.
Forces can't make it.
Time can never change it.
Genshu Saké - an American masterpiece.
Cask Strength. Hand Crafted 18% Alc by Vol 750 ml

Joy indeed. Thanks guys, much appreciated!


Jen said...

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday cheeky monkeeeeeeey. . . Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!

I never was much of a singer.

Yeah, from what I understand, sake is not supposed to be served hot. The reason they do so is for the fact that it's old and, as you mentioned, full of crap. Sake is supposed to be served cold.

This looks VERY interesting! Don't forget to relay a critique. . . And enjoy! Nice job Alex & Fi!

Have a FANTASTIC birthday!

Jen said...

P.S. Welcome home, Nikki!

Alex said...

You're very welcome, not that I endorse you drinking but this stuff is meant to be good. Enjoy.

Happy birthday, talk tomorrow (Sun) maybe?

Ian said...

Thanks Jen, you may not be a singer but your lyrics could bring a tear to a glass eye

Ian said...

Aye bruv, will call tomorrow, would have done today but it was past your bedtime before I got organized

shanksi said...

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! You look like a monkey, and you should live in a zoo.

Nope, I can't sing either. Anyway, happy birthday young man. Have a great day and enjoy the sake. I'd always thought it was supposed to be warm like in the restaurants but I know nothing, so there you go. Let us know how it is.

Lizzie Stephenson said...

Hap-py you
Hap-py yooouu
Happy Birthday....Mr I-an
Happy Birthday....

Marilyn Monroe style.
God aren't we all great singers on email? :-)

Love Lizzie xxxxxxx

Ian said...

Thank you, thank you.

We cracked the saké on Saturday night after dinner, which may not have been the best time to do it as we had had a few drinks previously, but it was definitely an improvement on other sakés I've had and Nikki really liked it.